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Founded in 2017, 56 employees currently. There at three R & D centers in the US, Canada, and China. We provide AI English and Chinese learning App.

Because of the shortage of quality English teachers, many primary schools in rural area are unable to offer English classes to the pupils. Consequently, these under-privileged students in the rural area fall further behind than those in big cities. Our vision is to provide these children with an equal opportunity for English education to help end such disparity.

SuperFish InteliClass™ provides a simple and comprehensive solution to rural areas in China where there is a shortage of quality English teachers. According to official report from Chinese government, at least 100,000 English teachers are needed to fill the gap. Our approach is to employ AI technology to deliver a simple, standardized English learning platform for teachers, students, parents and administrators. Minimum training is needed; teachers are just one click away from starting a class.

Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) is the fastest growing major segment within the language services market. CALL software combines Speech Recognition, Artificial Speech, and interactive teaching techniques with the convenience of mobile phones and tablets. The effectiveness of CALL software has been demonstrated in numerous academic studies, and its popularity with students, teachers and administrators has also been shown as well.


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Our Journey

Campany founded

Founded in September 22, 2017.

Developed AI Language Learning APP

Developed AI English And Chinese Learning APP

InteliClass™ deployed to 50+ schools

SuperFish InteliClass™ helps school districts offer English classes to students despite the lack of quality English teachers. Our motto is "Any teacher can teach English perfectly based on the national standard of English curriculum".

InteliClass™ deployed to 450+ schools

Covered about 100 thousand students.